Order a Free Quran (Temporarily out of stock!)

You can order a Free Quran “The Holy Quran” in pocket format to yourself or to someone you want to learn more about Islam, or someone you care about, only through Allah he will be guided to the straight path, Muslim as well as non muslim.

Important that we give this translation of the Quran to someone who is really in need and interested in it. This is because the book should not lie on a shelf and dust without it for fulfilling its purpose, ie. to be read when the name Quran just means “reading”.

For almost three years, we have sent “The Holy Quran” the “The Holy Quran” is for free and free of charge, for which we thank Allah and all who have contributed to this.

But recently, shipping costs have been incredibly high. We will now send out the Quran for a shipping fee.

Example: shipping cost in Sweden is SEK 60 / piece, which is the entry’s own fee for a “Medium Envelope”.

The actual book will still be completely free.
We have as a policy to only hand out a of the Quran per person / order. This is because we get many orders and have limited resources.

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Order a Free Quran!